Never. Lose. Hope

© Ronya Galka


escape-from-mylife asked:

Beautiful work! :)


Thank you!

If the colour fits, wear it 

© Ronya Galka


peoniesandpoppies asked:

I absolutely love your blog! I never have had the pleasure of seeing London, but I hope to go soon!


What are you waiting for then?! There’s no time like the present and I could not think of a better place to be in Summer than London…

“Kiss your life. Accept it, just as it is. Today. Now. So that those moments of happiness you’re waiting for don’t pass you by.”

Happy Friday everyone!

London Calling (again). 

So here it is: I am giving away a brand new case for a Samsung Galaxy S5 and all you have to do is drop me a quick message with the answer to the following question: 

'In which two cities are Caseable products handcrafted?’

Could it be any easier?! The winner will be randomly selected on 16th July 2014. 


I have teamed up with the guys from Caseable and you can read a little interview on my urban & street photography on their tumblr feed:

For your chance to snap up a smartphone cover showing one of my London images ABSOLUTELY FREE (!!!), make sure you come back here tomorrow (11/07/14) to find out details of the cover give-away! 


You know the feeling when you see a perfect situation unfold in front of you, you lift the camera up, you take a snap. Then you realize you’ve actually got a big fat zero - these things are harder than they look! We talked to caseable’s Ronya Galka, a London based street photographer, to find out…


camilo-z asked:

I love your blog.



'Somebody else's girl' © Ronya Galka

'When I grow up, I want to be a boy' © Ronya Galka 

'Shades of Summer' © Ronya Galka

'World of wonders' © Ronya Galka

When I saw these two ladies watch a street performer in London’s Convent Garden, I was mesmerised by the pure joy and childlike amazement with which they watched his performance. Every time I look at this picture, I can’t help but smile.

A beautiful reminder of how important it is that we remember to keep life simple and savour the moment every now and then…

'I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring'

~ David Bowie

'Here we go again…' 

Happy damn Monday everyone!